The VAT on the invoice is directly debited to the tax authorities and the VAT-free part of the invoice is used to pay the fee.

As the turnover of Suomen Palkkiopalvelu exceeds the threshold of minor activities as defined by tax practice, all invoices we issue must include VAT, unless the service to be invoiced is specifically defined as VAT-exempt in the Value Added Tax Act (e.g. artist’s performance).

VAT is usually added to the invoice price. However, there are a few exceptions to this (e.g. if the payer is a non-profit association or a private individual). It is always a good idea for you to agree the procedure with the invoice payer in advance.

It is worth taking VAT into account when you set a price for your services. You can use our calculator to help you.

VAT rates vary. There are several different VAT rates in Finland, but the most common VAT rate is 24%.

The VAT Register is a register maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration that contains information on operators liable for VAT. Using the online service, you can search by company name or business ID number to find out whether a company is listed in the VAT Register.

VAT – what you need to know about VAT