The YEL insurance is your security if you retire, fall ill or take parental leave.

You are covered by the YEL if

  • you are aged between 18 and 68
  • your business activity continues for a continuous period of at least 4 months, and
  • you have an annual income (commission) in 2024 of at least EUR 9010,28 (EUR 8,575.45 in 2023)

If you find that the above conditions apply to you, please contact us. We will help you to take out an insurance policy.

Our partner is Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company. You can also take out YEL insurance with any pension insurance company of your choice.

You can find the YEL calculator on the Elo website. You can use it to calculate the pension that your YEL contribution will generate and the social security benefits it will entitle you to.