Förskotti is a service where you are paid before your customer, the person who commissioned the work, has paid their invoice to Suomen Palkkiopalvelu. By paying your salary payment in advance as a Förskotti, you are not tied to the invoice payment schedule of the person who commissioned your work.

When paid in advance, you receive the money as soon as your assignment has been processed and your invoice has been sent. Depending on your bank, you may even receive your salary payment on the same day or the next day at the latest.

Before paying the salary in advance, we check the payer’s payment history and, in some cases, we ask the payer to confirm the accuracy of the invoice requested as Förskotti.

We will make the payment as soon as we have processed your invoice order. Requests for Förskotti are always processed as urgent.

We charge an extra 4% of the invoiced amount for the advance payment Förskotti, in addition to the normal service fee (EUR 10 + 3%).

Log in to Liksala and select the invoices you wish to receive as Förskotti from the list of invoices being processed.